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How to write a poem

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

1 - Want to write a poem

2 - Ideally, have something to say (if not, you might want to stop here)

3 - Wander in your home aimlessly for hours

4 - Ask yourself How?

5 - Ask yourself Why?

6 - Sit miserably, in a complete void

7 - Look at the computer in angst

8 - Read half of something

9 - Wonder what state of mind the author was in when they wrote that

10 - Eat something if you must

11 - Go for a walk

12 - Come back home to your familiar void, your not writing job

13 - Open you computer to take your emails

14 - See the blank page open, waiting for the poem

15 - With all hope lost thus nothing to lose, start writing something

16 - Get caught up in the brief intense writing that's pulling you fast, far away from your tea

17 - Re-read while drinking cold, disgusting tea

18 - Now the work begins

19 - Erase and re-write so much that you're not sure any word is left from the original writing

20 - Read again and finally figure out what you were trying to say

21 - Feel like you at least did something with your useless day

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19 paź 2019
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