• mariemiles

Discovery (2009)

The road led from one room to another. There were stairs between them, nothing horizontal, all skies. But in the new room, closer to the stars, there were two beds instead of one. Their dreams were separated by the unevenness of the mattresses. They thought of finding something to balance their beds ; wood, old cardboard. The streets are full of abandoned curiosities that can have a new life if they are discovered by someone looking. If not, they remain stuck in, yet deprived from, endorsing their role; finding companionship in rust, time passing, weather’s detailed moods, solitude and cats, just like rain. But they got accustomed to the gap and abandoned that idea.

©2019 Marie Deschênes

Semi-retired dancer now living in New York

French poet and snob, with vaguely misanthropic moods yet, to her great despair, an undying hope

in what tomorrow may bring.